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Our conviction


We produce in a way that conserves resources and lives up to our social responsibility – thereby setting new standards in the textile industry.

The headquarters of Getzner Textil are located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, which is why the environment lies very close to our hearts and why, when it comes to product development, it receives just as much attention as customer benefits. Our team is committed to improving the environmental performance of all our company locations. Not content with just making an active contribution towards environmental protection, sustainability is ingrained in our company culture.

Getzner Textil ist sich der Verantwortung für den Erhalt einer lebenswerten Umwelt bewusst und hilft, eine sichere und gesunde Umwelt zu erhalten.

Water consumption

All process and drinking water is supplied by two company-owned well systems. The company's water consumption is controlled just as much as the recycling of waste water. In the last ten years, specific waste water has been reduced from about 100l/kg tissue production to 70l/kg through process changes and technical measures. About 30 % of the water used is reused in the water cycle.


We are constantly striving to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Packaging waste has been significantly reduced in close partnership with our suppliers and, over a period of three years, we have reduced fabric waste per kg of manufactured cloth by 36 %.

District heating through waste heat utilisation

Getzner Textil began preparations for the implementation of waste heat recovery as early as 2000. A forward-looking project with a triple win-win situation: good for the customers, Getzner Textil AG as an energy supplier and for the environment. The district heating network, which was put into operation in 2001, has since supplied numerous public buildings in the immediate vicinity of the company's headquarters as well as the local Val Blu outdoor and indoor swimming pool with heat. The network consists of about 2,000 metres of pipeline.

There are two sources of waste heat at Getzner Textil: Compressors and flue gas heat exchangers of the steam boiler plants. Of the total heat input of 11.3 GWh, 6.2 GWh is used internally each year and the rest is made available for public buildings.

Conserving our environment

  • Savings of around 1 GWh of electricity thanks to the optimisation of our compressed air system
  • 70 % less caustic soda consumption thanks to the installation of a new recovery system
  • 11.3 GWh are fed into the district heating network
  • 25–30 % of energy requirements met with the aid of heat recovery
  • Specific water consumption halved from approx. 150 l/kg to approx. 60–70 l/kg of goods
  • 25 % less waste thanks to process optimisation

Effects and savings per year (2021 figures)

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