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Man in dark blue Boubo at city junction
Outstanding play of colours
Eine Frau trägt ein zartrosa Damastkleid von Getzner Textil, verziert mit einem detaillierten goldenen Gürtel.
Glittering accents on our high quality brocade
Man in navyblue boubou on urban crossing

A thousand possibilities with brocade

Our premium-quality brocade fabrics not only come in plain or dyed but also in colour-woven or printed. Understated, in the form of "Annour", or amazingly vibrant, in the form of "Madame Getzner". Shining through the colours are the typical weaves that add depth and texture to all of our designs.

Colours, patterns and joie de vivre

Our special brocades are much appreciated by our fashion-conscious customers. They are already eye-catching on their own, but are particularly suitable for use in combination with other wonderful one-off creations.


Getzner Wifi

Getzner has perfected the art of weaving in colour over many, many years. Each design reflects the expertise and signature style of the respective designer. The new Wifi colour palette is exciting and modern. The drape is silky soft, and the fabric flows beautifully.

pinker Damast mit Golddruck

Getzner Doré

The new gold print from Getzner sets glittering accents.

Our unique brocade is enhanced with golden highlights that interact with the fabric pattern and merge into a whole.

The high-quality print withstands wear and washing without losing its radiant brilliance.

Annour in aqua und rosa

Getzner Annour

We use a special dyeing method to create a unique colour effect that adds more depth and texture to the pattern. The medium-sized repeat patterns designed for women are often floral – whereas those for men tend to be more graphic. A small but select colour palette perfects this unusual fabric range.

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