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New "Sy Getzner" boutique in Dakar

New "Sy Getzner" boutique in Dakar

A new "Sy Getzner" boutique was recently opened in the "Sea Plaza" shopping centre in Senegal's capital Dakar. Modernly furnished, bright and with a wide range of brocade fabrics - made in Austria.

"The legacy of this business goes far beyond the family, we want to engage and create jobs together across Senegal. I have the ambition to expand the Getzner brand with innovative standards through the SY Getzner boutiques."
Ousmane Sy

For more than 40 years, West Africa and Getzner Textil have been writing (fabric) history together. While brocade used to be bought mainly at traditional markets, the fabric can now also be purchased in air-conditioned boutiques. For example, in the "Sea Plaza" in the megacity of Dakar. In the shopping centre - with a view of the Atlantic Ocean - you will not only find shops from Mango, Hugo Boss and Levis, but also from Sy Getzner.

Tobias König, Head of the Africa Business Unit, had the great honour of cutting the ribbon at the opening together with owner Ousmane Sy. Some 40 years ago, his 90-year-old father and founder Souleye Sy laid the foundation for the cooperation with Getzner Textil, and now his children Ousmane and Seynabou are carrying on the tradition in a modern way.

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