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Good to know

If this is your first time shopping with us, please refer to this page for information on payments and deliveries. If you have more questions, about purchasing with us, please contact us via the contact form or if you have questions about your journey or stay, you can find information here.

Sufficient quantities available, colour range very goodSufficient quantities available, colour range very goodLittle to very little quantity – please contact our sales staff 

Minimum order quantity for shipments

Africa600 Yard
Europe120 Yard
USA200 Yard

Shipping options

  • Pick-up at the shop by own carrier.
  • DPD
  • DHL
  • Airfreight

Payment options

  • For Cash payments over Euro 1.000, please contact us in advance
  • Credit- and debitcards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Banc transfer: For account details use our – contact form

Shipping to where?

Actualy we deliver only to this following countries
Please choose country for your delivery.
We are sorry if your country is not listed yet. If you are interested in our products, please contact our customer service.