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Maternity and Paediatric´s ward - Siribala


With the new maternity and paediatric’s ward, the approximately 45,000 people living in Siribala finally have access to safe, hygienic and easily accessible health care. Above all, the project creates direct access to gynaecological care, obstetrics and paediatric care for the approximately 18,000 women and children.

Various social projects

For over 40 years, Getzner has been very successful in West Africa with the sale of premium-quality damask fabrics. For many years, we have also been involved in various social projects in this region. Together with partners, we were able to open a maternity and paediatric’s ward in Mali this spring.

Frau steht mit Kleinkind vor Gemüsestand

Giving something back

The commune of Siribala in Mali is located in the Ségou region, about 300 kilometres from Bamako. It consists of 24 villages and the population lives mainly from agriculture, cattle breeding and work in the surrounding factories. For the people in this region, the construction of the maternity and paediatric’s ward was vital. The existing hospital had neither a gynaecology nor a paediatric's department and the nearest maternity ward was 50 kilometres away. Every month, around 250 patients, including about 100 children and 150 women, can receive specialised medical care. All in all, the new ward provides a significant improvement in the health prognosis and development opportunities for mothers and children.

Aussenansicht der Entbindungsstation in Mali

Successful project partnership

With the children’s charity ("Kinderhilfswerk") as the superordinate sponsor and the village community – represented by the mayor, the head doctor and the village chief – the project was on solid footing from the very beginning. The basic principles and conditions for the project were worked out in joint workshops with representatives from the population and the existing health facility, construction management was subsequently entrusted to a regional master builder. A new feeder road that remains passable during heavy rainfall, as well as a solar installation, were also part of the project.

The workshops also dealt with topics that were not directly related to the project, but were very much related to the health of the population and the subsequent operation of the hospital. For example, a concept for the detection of COVID-19 and measures to prevent its spread were developed. In addition, the staff was trained in the administration and operation of the health centre – including the repair of infrastructure and equipment or even bookkeeping and accounting.

Frauen in Siribala um einen Schreibtisch

Positive experience

For us as a company, the implementation and support of such a project is a real highlight. On the one hand, working with the village community creates a very special bond and new opportunities that fill us with pride and humility. On the other hand, this successful project is also an incentive for us to support further projects in West Africa in the future.

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